Ukraine is getting rockets and tanks from the West, but front-line soldiers scrounge for bullets

As the war in Ukraine passes a historic 100th day this week, front-line fighters and volunteers say they are grappling with a dark and discouraging reality.

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Despite pledges of tanks, artillery and – this week – American rocket systems capable of hitting enemy Russian targets 500 kilometers away, the Ukrainian front line remains populated with at times dangerously ill fighters.

One Canadian fighter said they lacked bullets and spare magazines for the rifles.


An American accused the Ukrainians of fighting in running shoes and mismatched uniforms, according to turning them into combat medics.

Fighters wearing bulletproof vests and protective helmets are often indebted to private donors and Ukrainian business owners who have turned their factories into temporary production facilities.

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“Where we’re going, there’s a bunch of stuff that we’re missing,” a veteran Canadian fighter in the French Foreign Legion, speaking to the…