What Doug Ford can teach the federal Conservative party

Premier Doug Ford’s re-election Thursday evening was closely watched by federal conservatives, who were looking for lessons on how to steer his party back to power after three straight electoral defeats.

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The main conclusion from many party insiders – including those who helped run the leadership campaign – was that Federalist conservatives needed to emulate Ford’s blue-collar messaging and form a new voter coalition to take on Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party. .

“This majority is a testament to the tireless work of Doug Ford and Monte McNaughton over the past four years to build relationships and trust with labor union activists,” said Melanie Paradis, who served as communications director for former Conservative leader Erin O. acted as. Weigh.


“Blue-collar activists absolutely should vote Conservative, but we haven’t appealed to them for years. Now they know Ford has their back… I hope the Conservative movement will accept it…