Where is Disney+’s Andor Filmed?

Based on the classic and popular franchise ‘Star Wars‘ by George Lucas, Disney+’s ‘Andor’ is a science fiction action series created by Tony Gilroy that serves as the prequel to the ‘Star Wars’ spin-off movie ‘Rogue One.’ Set five years prior to the events of the movie, the narrative focuses on a thief-turned-rebel spy named Cassian Andor as he becomes a revolutionary and joins the Rebellion.

The titular character acknowledges his powers and discovers the difference he can make in an era full of danger and deception. The narrative moves forward as it depicts the formation of a Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire and the way different people and planets get involved. Fans of the franchise and science fiction series, in general, are likely to get hooked on the series from the beginning to the end. Moreover, the action-packed sequences against some interesting backdrops make one curious to know where ‘Andor’ is shot. If you are one such curious soul, you might be interested in what we have to share about the same!

Andor Filming Locations

‘Andor’ is filmed in England and Scotland, specifically in Buckinghamshire, London, Essex, Lancashire, Dorset, Derbyshire, Perthshire, and Argyll and Bute. The original plan was to begin the production for the debut season in 2019 and then in June 2020, but it got delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After several months of delay, the principal photography for the inaugural iteration finally commenced in late November 2020 under strict COVID-19 safety protocols in place and wrapped up by September 2021.

In an early August 2022 interview with the Empirethe creator, Tony Gilroy, revealed that for this series, they got away from the usual Disney+ filming trend. He said, “Yep, we’re old-school. We didn’t use StageCraft at all. It’s a choice that looks set to add even more grit and earthiness to a series all about capturing that texture, set at a time when the Star Wars galaxy is a particularly dark and dangerous place to be.” Now, without further ado, let’s join the rebellion and take a look at all the specific locations that appear in the show!

Buckinghamshire, England

‘Andor’ is predominantly lensed in Buckinghamshire, a ceremonial county in South East England, bordering Greater London to the southeast. In particular, the filming unit sets up camp in the Pinewood Studios on Pinewood Road, Slough in the village of Iver Heath. The studio facility is home to more than 20 stages, 3 TV studios, an expansively large exterior tank, an underwater stage, acres of the backlot, and thousands of square feet of workshop space and production office, making it a suitable filming site for any kind of production.

Moreover, a large village set is constructed by the production team on the grounds of a former quarry of the village and the civil parish of Little Marlow. The country park, Black Park, in Wexham also serves as a prominent production location for the Disney+ series.

London, England

Several pivotal portions of ‘Andor’ are also taped in London, the capital and largest city of England and the United Kingdom. Located on the River Thames in southeast England, London has hosted the production of many movies and TV shows over the years. Some of the notable ones are ‘The Batman,’ ‘Belfast,’ and ‘Industry.’

Other Locations in England

For shooting additional portions of ‘Andor,’ the cast and crew members also set up camp in Coryton Refinery in Corringham, a town and former civil parish in Essex. The promenade and beach area of the town of Cleveleys on the Fylde Coast of Lancashire are transformed into an alien location for the series. In April and May 2021, the filming unit was spotted recording several pivotal sequences for the debut season in and around Winspit Quarry, located on the cliffs near Worth Matravers in the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. The Middle Peak Quarry near Wirksworth in Derbyshire also serves as an important filming location for the prequel series.

Scotland, United Kingdom

A few additional portions for ‘Andor’ are also lensed in Glen Tilt, located in the extreme north of the historic county of Perthshire in Scotland. For the debut season of ‘Andor,’ many sets were constructed around the Cruachan Dam and shooting also took place in its tunnels. Located in Argyll and Bute, the Cruachan Dam or the Cruachan Power Station is a pumped-storage hydroelectric power station that was established back on October 15, 1965.

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