Who Is Jessie James Decker Sister Sydney Rae James? Her Age, Husband & Kids

Jessie James Decker

Sydney Rae James, Jessie James Decker’s sister, is a TV star who has made a name for herself on TV.

Jessie is a well-known country-pop singer from the United States who has been in the business for decades. After she became a reality TV star, her popularity went through the roof. Even though Decker was turned down for a country label when she was 15, she didn’t give up and is now one of the most successful country singers of all time.

Fans have been paying close attention to both Decker’s personal and professional lives because of how famous she is. The singer and reality TV star has also made all of her personal information public, and she loves to talk to her fans about her life. Her fans have recently been interested in learning more about her younger sister, Sydney Rae Bass. Here is all the information we have about Jessie’s younger sister.

Jessie James Decker

Who is Sydney Rae Bass, Jessie James Decker’s sister, and how old is she?

Sydney Rae James, who is 30 years old and Jessie James Decker’s sister, is a well-known reality TV star. She worked on the reality show Eric and Jessie: Game On. On the show, Sister Jessie James Decker was also found.

Once she was seen at the tournament, she got a lot of attention and admiration. She is now a well-known TV star with a lot of fans and people who support her. She also writes books, and she runs the blog Southern Girl City Lights.

On her blog, we might read about food, travel, and the way she looks that everyone who knows her loves. She is married, and her husband’s name is Anthony Bass. She got married in 2017, and that same year, she and her husband took in a beautiful little girl named Brooklyn Rae Bass.

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Who is the husband of Sydney Rae James?

All the women in the world know Anthony Bass as the husband of the beautiful Sydney Rae James. All the boys know him as a great baseball pitcher.

He was born in Dearborn, Michigan, to Ed Bass and Linda Bass. His parents are still very happy with each other. He has a brother named David and two sisters named Beth and Amy.

Anthony went to Trenton High School and got his diploma. He played baseball for fun while he was in high school. After high school, he went to college and played for the “Wayne State Warriors” team at Wayne State University. Even though he was young, he played baseball well and was named Pitcher of the Year in 2008.

Anthony’s first job was with the San Diego Padres. In June 2011, he made his debut in the major leagues. After two good seasons with the Padres, the Houston Astros traded him, and he went on to play for the Texas Rangers. Since 2018, he has played for the Cincinnati Reds.

Who are the kids of Sydney Rae James?

Sydney and Anthony are very happy that they have a daughter named Brooklyn. The girl baby came a little earlier, in the 28th week of the pregnancy. Her mother had to have a C-section right away. Even with all of these problems, Brooklyn is doing pretty well.

She is two and a half years old, and her parents love her very much. She also has a baby daughter who is only a few months old. Sydney was born in Boise, which is in the state of Idaho. Karen Parker, her mother, is a well-known writer and blogger, and Steve Parker, her father, is a General in the Air Force. Because of her father’s job, she had to change schools a few times as she grew up.

Brooklyn, her baby daughter, was in the NICU for 65 days before she could go home. She had to go back to the NICU in 2018 with bronchiolitis, which was not good. Syd never gets tired of thanking her mom for helping her take care of Brooklyn when he was in the hospital.

She doesn’t have much time for herself, just like any other mom with a young daughter. On the other hand, Sydney is beautiful every single day of the week. She is happy to give her “busy mom” beauty tips, like taking a bubble bath and changing her hairstyle once a week. Then, to clean her hair, she just uses dry shampoo.

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How much money does Sydney Rae James have?

Rae has a net worth of $100,000 right now. She has only been in the media for a few years, but that is where she makes most of her money.

Sydney is one of the three children of Karen Parker and Steve James. Her older sister, Jessie James, is a country-pop star who is married to an NFL wide receiver. Her younger brother is John.

Her father was in the U.S. Army, and her parents lived in Italy when her sister was born. Before Sydney Rae was born, though, they moved to the U.S. and settled in Idaho. We don’t know much about her childhood or how she went to school.

Sydney joined the cast of the popular show when her sister married Eric Decker and they got their own reality show on E! called “Eric & Jessie: Game On.” The show went on to become very popular, which helped not only Syndey’s earnings but also Jessie’s career.

Sydney is often on TV, but she also has a popular blog called “Southern Girl City Lights.” On it, she writes about food, beauty, and travel. This has made a big difference in her total net worth.

Who Is Jessica James Decker Sister?

Jessica James Decker’s sister is Sydney Ray Bass.

Sydney Rae Bass has how many children?

Two of Sydney Ray Bass’s children are girls.

Who is the partner of Sydney Rae Bass?

Anthony Bass is her husband. Her name is Sydney Rae Bass.

Jessie James Decker
Jessie James Decker

Early years

Decker was born Jessica Rose James on April 12, 1988, on an American military base in Vicenza, Italy, in the region of Veneto. Her mother, Karen Johnson, and father, Robert James, were both in the military. Karen married Steve Parker, who was in the U.S. Air Force, at the beginning of the 2000s. She ended up living in Iowa, Kentucky, Texas, Louisiana, and Georgia because of this. In 2007, she got her diploma from Warner Robins High School. Sydney Rae Bass, born in 1991, and John James, born in 1994, are Decker’s younger siblings. Decker also has two step-siblings, Ashley and Alex Parker, from Steve’s first marriage, and two siblings-in-law, Anthony Bass and Alison James (formerly Green).

Decker started to sing when she was two years old. She sang “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart” to win her first talent show when she was nine years old in Baker, Louisiana. She had already been writing songs on a plastic guitar and had played at SeaWorld and in Warner Robins, Georgia in 2000. At age 15, she went to Nashville every week to get better at writing songs.


Carla Wallace of the independent label Big Yellow Dog Music met Decker when she was 17. Wallace helped Decker with her singing and writing songs. One of her songs, “Gypsy Girl,” was written with two people from Yellow Dog. Record executive David Massey heard the song and told L.A. Reid about her. She tried out for Reid by singing her John Rich-produced song “My Cowboy.” Soon after, Decker signed a deal with Mercury Records.

Even though Decker first thought she would be making a country record, record executives told her to make a pop album instead.

She also said that she was asked to sound like Britney Spears, a pop singer.

She said that because the songs were in different styles, the recording process was “intense.”

She said in an interview that she was “at heart a country girl” because she had grown up listening to this kind of music.

Jessie James, her first album, came out in August 2009 and went straight to number 23 on the Billboard 200. It was a mix of country and pop music, with more pop music because that’s what her label wanted. The album also had songs written by Decker, Kara DioGuardi, Mitch Allan, and others with a lot of experience writing pop music. Critics had mixed feelings about the album. Allmusic liked the album, but they said that even though it was marketed as country music and had some country-style production, the music on the album was nothing like country music. Slant thought that the album only had hints of pop, country, and hip-hop, and that it didn’t try to appeal to any of those audiences. The first single from the album, “Wanted,” was put out in April and peaked at number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was produced by Allan.

Decker later played for US troops stationed in the Middle East with singer Kid Rock and comedian Carlos Mencia.

Sweet American Dreams was Decker’s second album. She started working on it in 2010, and it was supposed to come out in late summer. The album was going to have the same country-pop sound as her first one, but Mercury gave Decker more freedom to add country sounds. The first single, “Boys in the Summer,” came out in June. It was a small hit in country, but it didn’t make the Billboard Hot 100. Decker had trouble accepting that her career path was to be a pop singer, so as her album was being made, she told her label that she didn’t want to be a pop singer and instead wanted to record country music. After talks, Massey asked Mark Wright from Show Dog-Universal Music, which helped get “Boys in the Summer” released in country in November, to help Mercury/IDJ get Decker started in the country genre. In April 2011, Decker began making music. Wright made “When You Say My Name,” which came out on January 31, 2012. The movie “Military Man” came out on May 22, 2012. In 2013, she was taken off the list of Show Dog Universal dogs. Decker’s extended play, “Comin’ Home,” came out on April 18, 2014. It debuted in the top five on Billboard’s top country albums chart and was number one on iTunes.

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