Young. White. Male. And full of hate

The same day hundreds of bereaved gathered outside a London, Ontario, mosque for the funeral of a Muslim family that had been targeted for their faith, police descended on the accused killer’s city apartment with a warrant.

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After walking inside, he took a cellphone and laptop from a bedside table, confiscated two USB keys and grabbed a hard drive from a bookshelf – tools needed for forensic examinations of children. The man’s online life in the days before police said he was “premeditated work, motivated by hatred”.

What they reportedly found was no surprise given the far-right, far-predicted white supremacist killings.


police charge The man – charged in four counts of terrorism, instigates first-degree murder by killing four members of the Afzal family with his black pickup The truck had “hate-related content” on its equipment — a year ago this week. According to search warrant documents partially sealed by a judge in March, police…