Zack Kassian could get shot on Edmonton Oilers top line in Game 3

It appears that Zac Kasian will move up to the Edmonton Oilers lineup on Saturday night when they host the Colorado Avalanche in Game Three of the Western Conference Finals (630 CHED, face-off show at 4 p.m., Game 6 p.m.).

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“Nothing is guaranteed, but if you get a chance to ride shotgun next to the best player in the world, you have to take advantage of it,” said Cassian, who took the morning skate with Conor McDavid and Evander Kane Was.

“He brings in a physical element, a lot of energy and emotion. He also has some good offensive equipment,” said McDavid of Cassian.


Keller Yamamoto didn’t take the Morning Skate. He skipped the second game on Thursday with an upper body injury.

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“We’ll see. I think Jack’s playoffs have been good. He plays physical. We’ll see what the lineup has to offer tonight,” said head coach Jay Woodcroft.

AVS lead the series 2-0. He has won all five of his road games since this season.